Sunday, 9 January 2011

Predictably unpredictable

Has your parents ever made every decision for you? Well, I'm not saying that mine has.

Before this, I've always been into courses offered at the School of Media at Ngee Ann Poly. And then my parents had to remind me of how limited the career opportunities are and how unstable they can be. They wanted me to pursue nursing and I didn't mind at first. I'll be most unlikely to get retrenched if I became a nurse. But as the years go by, I got to know more about other interesting occupations and it constantly made me change my mind about the course I'll be putting as my first choice when I graduate.

I'm currently stuck between choosing Health Sciences and Law Management. I love both. It involves helping people in many different ways. But I hate it when my parents talk about the downs of being a paralegal. It's as if that there isn't any negative sides of being a nurse. I've already been told that it is my decision to choose whatever course I want but how could I when I know I'll end up disappointing my parents if I don't take up the course that they'd want me to?

I'll be living my dream if I'm taking Law Management and I'll be living my parents's if I'm taking Health Sciences. Should I follow my dream or be realistic? Taking the risk and becoming a paralegal or staying in my comfort zone and becoming a nurse?

Well, enough about that. About yesterday, well. It was fun. After nine years of living in the east it was just recently that I went to Temasek Polytechnic seven years later. Oh wait! I had my Kindergarten graduation there right? Oh, so yes. Yesterday was my second time -.-"

Yesterday taught me something. That sometimes life will not turn out the way you want it to be. That it'll be better if I'll be quiet if I'm feeling paranoid. That I can't get everything I want. That the world doesn't revolve around me.

Haha, bet that that wasn't the expected answer you might want. Nyehs, yesterday was fun. Especially with Hakim around. You know what, I think I'm the only one who miss you. Awwwww! I've got to get used to not seeing anyone mumbling loudly and shuffling across the classroom like a mad person. Oopsies! :D

Shan't dwell too much on that. I still have homework to do.

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