Friday, 21 January 2011

Remember the days

Do you remember,
when life was so simple, when we called ourselves triplets, when we bought matching merchandises, when nothing could go wrong as long as we had each other?

Do you remember,
the times that we overcame obstacles as one, the times when our trust was at the maximum, the times when we would have no time for anything else but ourselves?

Do you remember,
the days you spent trying to mend my broken heart, the hours spent trying to convince me that life is still worth it, the minutes spent to wipe my tears and the seconds spent to make me laugh?

Do you remember,
when you were down, I tried to be there for you as much as I could.

Did you know,
how useless I felt when I thought others were there for you more than I was?


Did you know,
that I love you with all my heart? that I'm willing to do many things for you? that I'm feeling very appreciative of the things you've done for me?

*places a million and one hearts*

Words cannot describe how I'm feeling about this.
What we had was. Beyond everything.

Our chapter will end soon.
The chapter of the six friends who had been through thick and thin. The chapter of the six friends whose worth more than a pot of gold. The chapter of the six friends who will soon be a part of our past.

The chapter of the six best friends,
who grew up and moved on.


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