Monday, 28 February 2011

Here comes the storm.

I'm actually supposed to be doing my homeworks and studying for my Chemistry quiz tomorrow but I guess ten minutes wouldn't kill.

Today has it's good and bad. The good part is finally passing my Malay test. Even if it's only 50%, I feel really proud of it. It's been a long time since I passed my Malay and for now, a descent pass would really do me some good. Apart from that, I spent my recess laughing my ass out till my tummy hurts so badly I thought my period was coming. My friends were all making funny names of our future boyfriends or so. Names that not other people would ever think of. So yes, recess was very random. I didn't ate much too!

The sad side was getting a B4 for my Chemistry. With that, I'm the only one who passed in my class. Can you imagine getting a B4 and be the top student? Moreover, I was from the first band and I transferred to the last class. I really expected myself to do better. I'm just a half mark away from getting a distinction for my sciences. I'm not trying to brag or put any of my Chemistry classmates down but it kind of looks like I really don't deserve to be in the top band in the first place. Gosh, I can't remember when was the last time I feel this disappointed. I don't feel proud of myself at all. What happened to my distinctions? I guess my POA is pulling me down. Even my E Maths has dropped ): ): ): ):

I just hope I score well for my humanities *cross fingers*

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