Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Handsome sea otters

I shan't blog about what happened today. But basically I sad a swollen eye and a ten hours sleep. Neh, still not feeling rejuvenated. Plus I'm tempted to quit school and go on to Higher Nitec. Shucks, I've signed up for O level. This sucks. I'm supposed to be doing my Physics, or at least something more meaningful, but I feel like blogging. So here goes.

I'm glad that the cheer leading group had accomplished more than I've expected. This is awesome. I'm not trying to be confident about winning. Whatever ha
ppens, happens for a reason. As usual there were conflicts. But ignoring always seems to be the solution. It's awesome to know that they're patience level are pretty high. Unlike me ):

Rugby tomorrow. No POA tomorrow. Rehearsal tomorrow. Hakim tomorrow. I'm excited! I'm in really no mood to tolerate anyone trying to ruin my day tomorrow. God knows what I'll end up doing.

With this,

I think everyone should bear this in mind.

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