Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hawaii with a taste of home

I went to East Coast last weekend. It was really really fun. We did typical things typical people do when they go there. Swim and ate and took loads of pictures. Enough said.

I didn't attend the seminar today. I actually didn't plan to go in the first place but I feel bad lying to my teachers. So I decided to go. And then this morning, I woke up with a flu. Awesome! I'm currently at home, blogging while watching TV. I hope those who went to the seminar is having a swell time. The seminar was just drop dead boring. I don't even feel motivated cus if I am, I'd be studying right now. Speaking of which, I'll be doing so soon.

Anyways, do you believe that anybody loves everything? I've never met anyone so optimistic. Seeing the good in everyone even if it's not there. It's like being friends with your enemy. Blergh. Well, it's gonna be weird to answer my own question but I don't believe it at all. People can like many things but they usually don't like everything. Whenever I come across a social profile which says 'I love everything/everyone', I'd be like 'bullshit'. I don't have enemies but there are a few people I don't fancy. I bet that I have haters too. Which brings me to my next point.

Do you really mean it when you say you don't give a damn if someone hates you? Because I don't mean it. When I say I don't care about my haters, I just meant that. Well. If we pass each other, the least I'd do is smile. It doesn't makes sense if someone tells me they hate me because they don't like my attitude. I'm loud, I'm sensitive, I laugh like a hyena. Nobody's perfect and not everyone is like you. So might as well hate the rest of the world.

I've forgotten what else I wanted to say. LOL.
Off to study! Bye! :)

PS: Photos at ECP already on facebook.

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