Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nine in the evening

Life had been swell. As usual, I thought that I'd accomplish at least something today. I'm still feeling lethargic and my body aches. My jaw is much better now, just so you know. I hope that Noraini's doing fine now. It's such a waste that she had to give school a miss because of her leg ):

Anyways, this weekend wasn't the best one. I didn't go for training on Friday as I wasn't well. To be frank, I didn't really want to go anyways. It's not as if I'd do anything useful. Besides, this batch of freshmen is the worst ever. It really doesn't motivate me in having high hopes that in two years time, there would be a better Chairperson (or even student body president).
Ergh, yay Zhenghua.

Yesterday was awful. I was sick. Well, I didn't exactly had a fever. I just felt so weak and I was down with flu so I didn't had the energy to wake up early for tuition. I woke up at 10am or so and did the usual. I didn't study much since I was still feeling so sleepy despite the many hours of sleep. I think there's something wrong with me. I'm getting very tired these days. Anywho, we had dinner at City Square in the evening. Wanted to buy meselv new school shoes but neh.

Today was fine. I woke up early to meet my Red Cross buddies whom I miss so very very much. We were discussing about our short skit we'd gonna have to show to the unit during camp. Joy. There's really no other better way to start my one week holiday by going for camp. Speaking of holidays, I'd spend half of my time in school. Study skills workshop and I bet there'll be more remedial besides Chemistry. And then on Sunday, my family and I will be going for a BBQ. So that's pretty much the only time I can enjoy. I really can't express my regretfulness of entering Sec Five. Life sucks and I envy Hakim & Adi. Who knows they might be doing better than me.

I better study for my A Maths test now. Goodbye! :)

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