Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sports Day

We're currently in second place. But nevertheless, it was way much better than being last. Awesome job to everyone :] I must admit that I didn't feel very appreciated for the past few weeks. If given the choice, I'd pass the burden to someone more willing to do this shitty job. If you don't mind getting blamed for whatever your team has done and even if it has got nothing to do with you, than this job is perfect for you. Whatever, everything over now. I still had fun :D
So yes, congratulations cheerleaders. You've earned this.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I had to juggle two things earlier. My First Aid duty and supporting the team. The spectators were really dead so it was up to the cheerleaders to do their job. Haha! Aww. I wasn't really happy with the fact that I still had to do my duty as a first aider since I'm stepping down soon and and and since I've been doing so for four years. But as mentioned, it's all over. Over with the capital 'O'. No more first aid duties. Nope. None. Nah nah! Awesome right?

So during the cheerleading segment, most of them were lost since the last part wasn't properly rehearsed. Even my sister said that it was obvious. Crap. It was a miracle that they got second place though. I think. The microphone sucked so the results wasn't really clear. Heh. Sports Day isn't just about cheerleading isn't it? Everyone had a part to play. Especially the competitors. Speaking of which, Fithri's shoe came off while he was running and Raihan was badly injured. Hahahahahah, oh gosh. Bet that this is gonna be the last time I'll see those clowns do something memorably funny simultaneously.

After the whole thing, they announced that Falcon was crowned champion. Well, I've realized that each house had their strengths and weaknesses. Strong cheerleading squad, awesome competitors, supportive spectators/teachers etc etc. Hm, back to the point. Eagle was second followed by Hawk and finally Heron. Why Heron why? Why are you that far away ):

All of us went to Mac Donalds after that. Since then, I finally saw the irritating side of Asyikin. She's a gazillion times worse than Nazirah and I combined. Speaking of which, I owe her a video. Ah, damn! To be frank, I actually already recorded it. Thrice. I decided not to do it in the end but my itchy mouth said something and so I had to do it. It'll prolly be private and it's gonna be pretty dramatic. Whatever, I'll get it done during the holidays. Promise!

I'm supposed to be asleep right now. Or at least doing my homework. Yes, it's three minutes till11pm. I'm so sleepy! Gah! Needa finish ma homework! D:

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