Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two cans of red bull, late phone calls and I love you.

School had been dramatic. Literally dramatic. Like in movies where there are cat fights between two girls over a small issue. Yes, that dramatic. I don't know what the issue is but it seems like everyone is starting to hate the freshmen for slapping a sophomore's face. I shan't dwell on that because hah! It makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

I don't get why many people hate the Sec Ones. They're just like any other 13 year old in the world - trying to adapt to a new school and such. Don't you remember how rowdy and mischievous you were when you were they're age? Why don't you pick a fight with someone your own size instead of someone younger than you? I'm not defending the Sec Ones, maybe they have their faults but you call yourself seniors when this is how you treat them? So immature.

Okay, maybe I should stop meddling into other people's lives.

So this week has its ups and downs. I failed my Physics by one mark. Just one bloody-fishing mark. Ergh, I'm so mad at myself. I actually remember when I was younger I didn't mind failing. My friends and I would compare our scores and see who scored the lowest. What lame asses we were. But now I feel like every failure is a huge deal.

Ok never mind, gotta think positive!

Moving on, I just got to know that I'm promoted to Warrant Officer! And one of the few non exco members to reach one of the highest ranks :) I'm so happy! My five years of commitment had finally paid off. Still considering to become a VI though heh! Hehe, I'm so lucky! :D

I'm currently having a weird obsession over Nike high cut shoes and idk why!

A gazzilion times better than any other pump shoes/sandals I own. And I don't own that many. Wakakaka! Well, I have one high cut shoe from Vans - which I where a lot - and I plan on getting more of such kicks after my O levels. I like the black and pink one tho *points above*

Anddd I've got a new hair cut! Just earlier on. I feel so fresh now. No more split ends and the next time I get a hair cut, my curls will all be gone. Awesome! :D

Time to study kthxbai!

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