Sunday, 24 April 2011

As easy as letting go and moving on

I'm sure my friends will get offended when I post about this but I'm sorry.
I can't wait to graduate. High school had been a roller coaster. I know I can be pretty insecure but I don't like it when other people barge into my social life and take my friends away. That had been happening a lot ever since junior year and despite the constant reminder from my friends that they'll always be around, I feel like they're drifting. I'm sick of always having to tell myself that it's my last year and I have to just get on with it because I cannot hide any longer.

A Maths mock paper on Monday, Chemistry test and E Maths mock paper on Tuesday. Gotta pass! Think positive!

Oh! And yes, I just came back from Malaysia. Another overnight stay at The Palm Resort.

And later the usual midnight chat with Faizal. Yay, can't wait! :D

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