Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a prettay long day for me. Okay, it's been a long day. A very long one. Although thanks to my own personal transport, I don't feel that lethargic. But still, I feel pretty dead beat.

So my day started of with a glance of my reflection followed by asking my dad who won the election. He and I were watching the news last night but I got sleepy due to the long wait and just decided to go to bed. So apparently PAP won for the umpteenth time. Feeling pretty happy about it. Maybe it's because this year's election won't be affecting me much. I have to wait for the next two elections to be eligible to vote. Who knows maybe by then I'd make a small effort to know what's going on.

After that, I bathed and cleaned and my whole family went out for breakfast. It was 9am then and the only time I've waken up early is only Saturday because of tuition and it's Sunday. Whatever. So I had a good plate of cheese prata which I've been craving for since forever. Went to Greenridge after that with dad to buy Mommy her Mother's Day gift. So Dad bought her a pair of bluetooth headphones. Not really head phones lah but argh. It's a lame name so I shan't say it here but you know what I mean.

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And I'm currently laughing my fucking ass out - in my head. Don't mind me, this had been happening since last night. So here goes.

So my friends and I usually go out to study on Fridays but for no reason we just decided to go on Saturday night instead. I was actually well aware that one of my friends' was working. We haven't really met but we do bump into each other several times considering that we live very very very near each other - I can see his house from my kitchen window. Yup, that near. And even if we saw each other we don't even exchange glances. We just continue to walk on. I seriously didn't think that I'd see him there up close but guess what? I did. While I was buying Amy's burger, I ^@$%*@#*-ing saw him. It was one of the most hilarious moments in my life. I literally wanted to walk back to our table but it would make me look like an idiot so I just went on with it. I spent the next ten minutes laughing my ass off and could tell that Amy and Nazirah was obviously irritated but I couldn't help it. I didn't know my face turned red till Hakim came like an hour later and told me that.

And and recently I just discovered that a bloody jackass has a girlfriend. Can you believe it? A jackass has a girlfriend! I shan't even go on about who they arebut haha! Yes, I'm so happy for them that I can die. You know the feeling when someone who used to mean the world to you leaves you for a new person? You get sad for like 0.2 seconds and for the next hour you ask yourself why the hell do you even made the effort to start being his friend. Yup, it's like that now. I'm not being a sour grape but seriously.

*sighs* You know, the guys I used to date really made a big difference in my life. Okay, maybe not that big. I just know that one day, all of us are gonna look back and laugh at ourselves and ask why do I even bother?


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