Sunday, 15 May 2011

My future boyfriend shall be the one who can't resist a Mac Spicy

So many people are getting pretty annoyed with how I answer their questions. Perhaps I'm getting more practical. It's genetic. But whenever it comes to conversations with my family, I start to talk crap and I'm pretty slow. They called me a bimbo for that. So mean.

So anyways, recently one of my friends asked what type of boyfriend would I want and I said 'one who is rich'. Being teen and all believe-in-happily-ever-afters sort of person made her think that it's as if I'm money minded. Hmmm, in a way. Yes. I'd like to meet someone whose realistic and financially capable of providing for his own needs. When I explained this to her, she said 'Boyfriend, not husband.' Hahaha, well. I still don't know. I haven't really thought of the characteristics I want in my future boyfriend. I just want someone who I feel comfortable with.

I have dated some guys who I have feelings for but I don't feel like I can share my problems with. I just know he won't be there and come to think of it, we're just together because of the status. This is one thing about growing up. Looking back and realizing why you make mistakes.

Not all boys I know are like that though. But there's only one whom my feelings grew more as every single day pass when we're together and I can always be myself around him. We were together for a few months but we remain friends after that and I have to admit that moving on separately has been one of the most wisest decisions we have ever made. I didn't say that it didn't hurt. It does. More than any other break ups I've been through but life had to go on. There are times when the moments we spend together etch my mind but I can safely say that the feelings are no longer there. It's just the memories which are holding me back.

And then they're guys who I practically grew up with - someone not related to me. They're not the most serious ones but that's the beauty of it. I get to act like dorks around them without feeling embarrassed. I love them with all my heart because we've been through thick and thin and it's good to have men who doesn't walk out of your life.

As for the reason why I want someone 'financially fine', it's phobia actually. I went to my cousin's wedding last year but in the end it wasn't her who got married. Her fiance claimed that he couldn't pay her the thing - it's a custom. Don't ask. So my dad actually warned me about it. Since then, I've been very particular about the boys I meet through facebook because who knows, it might lead us somewhere. Oh, someone who can cook would be nice too :)

But I guess if his really the one, I'll know.


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