Saturday, 14 May 2011


It's been so long since I've last stay up late online. Just hope this doesn't becomes a habit.

Anyways, I studied on my own yesterday! At Starbucks! I feel so motivated to study there. Unlike at home where my bed/TV is constantly calling my name.

The weather is making me narcissistic. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But seriously, I don't know what is it about myself that I love so much. Maybe the thought of being better than everyone else. Earlier I bought supplements which I believe it's time for me to take. Initially, I wanted something which would just keeps me alert in class. Basically something good for the brain and a healthier version of Red Bull. Instead, mom insisted on me buying pills containing the whole package. Something which is good for your skin and makes me focus better in class as well. And I was like 'I'm already pretty. If I take these, I don't know how the world is gonna handle me. " wasn't joking. Maybe 80% of me was and my intention was not to sound that cocky. I just feel there's nothing else about my face/skin that needs attention. No rashes no scars.

I don't mind pills which makes my tummy flatter though.

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