Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pohon-pohon yang ditiup angin mula menari-nari ingin berbisik sesuatu.

I can't stop thinking about the video I just watched recently. *points above* It's so meaningful. I find that every love movie I watch failed to explain the stages one has to go through in a relationship but I finally found something which says it all. I'm so gonna upload it to my iPod. I'll never get bored watching it every night.

So this week has been another hectic one. School ends at 5.30pm every single day. I can't imagine how the Chinese students are coping as they have night classes.

I've been doing fairly fine for my mock papers. I scored a C6 for Prelims 1 and managed to get a B4 for my 9th mock paper. Wonder why it took this long for me to get a B. Pretty unsatisfied about it. I just wished I got that for my earlier mock exams.

Exam this coming Monday. As nervous as hell! It seems like I'm the only one whose feeling this way. Everyone is feeling pretty relaxed about it while I've been spending the last two weeks cracking every brain cell memorizing compositions and erasing everything that hasn't got anything to do with Malay. I really hope that this intensive is effective. Or else it won't be worth it. Ah! Just the thought that I have three days left is giving me goosebumps!

Moving on, my friends will be coming over tomorrow to take a short nap before heading back to school again. Meanwhile maybe watch a few DVDs which aren't scary. My house my rules okeh!

I don't feel like tomorrow's gonna be the last day of the semester. Heh, typical.

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