Sunday, 22 May 2011


It seems like forever since I last blog. Well, here goes.

So this week had been hectic. Going through marks, tears rolling down our cheeks after hearing the news of our ex Malay teacher passing away, looking at our disappointing scripts and such. This weekend wasn't a long one. Today feels like Saturday. Maybe it's because we had another Malay Intensive class yesterday. Yes, we did. It ended at 12 plus and after which I did some serious shopping with my friends. It's gonna be the last time I'll be hanging out with them so wth.

Bought lots and lots of clothes and today, I went to Lot One with Huda to accompany her buy something for Amira's nephew. Went to the ceremony thing and ate ate ate a lot.

Here I am now. At home. Being just a face my family has to tolerate me for as long as I'm not married. And not even a pretty one too. Ergh, I've been feeling rather down. My confidence and self esteem has dropped too. Life sucks now.

Oh! And I know someone misses me. Yes you!


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