Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hello hello baby.

I'm so fucking pissed right now. Because I saw my best friend got her heart ripped out and all I can do is a confrontation which in turn will not do any good to anyone. But anyways, I wasn't at ease and so I did what I wish my friends would do in this situation. Whatever. Just the thought of this makes my blood boil. And it's been a long day. A long week to be exact.

I've been going back and forth to and from school everyday and I haven't been doing my own self studying. I know I prolly should be doing some now but I'm feeling so lethargic. It all started the other day when I went swimming with Khairiyah and Norliana. My body ached and my legs refused to move. (Seriously though, I was just feeling lazy.) And from Monday till now, I wake up with a slight sting on the back of shoulders.

On the bright side, all this Monday after POA remedial when I can finally study my own way. And I'm having a date with Alim on Tuesday and the following week my family will be having a chalet which unfortunately my secondary friends could not attend so I invited my primary school friends instead! Don't misunderstood me okay, I was in dilemma when it comes to choosing who I want to invite. So since my secondary school friends rather be somewhere else and I haven't met my primary school friends since forever, I invited them instead.

And due to recent events, the following content is not meant to offend others or whatsoever. I just discovered like my blog has views. Can you believe that? So this gentleman below. I don't know why but you're the only guy I feel comfortable with. Perhaps it's because we've known each other long enough. Eight years. Apart from our friends no one can beat that.

I can be dorky without feeling ashamed. Long story short, I can be me even when I'm with you. No butterflies. Just me. And I bet a thousand other girls would feel the same way when they're around you. I don't know why we all do but this is a way of me telling you that you're one in a million (:

I'll see you this Tuesday.


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