Tuesday, 7 June 2011


You know when I was five, I think about ways not to be bitten by the bed bugs every night. Now I'm seventeen I think of my future. I think about how life would be like when I'm older. The things that has happened, I wish would happen and has yet to happen. Maybe this is one of those stages of graduating. I am so used to depending on someone and I'm not ready to be depended on.

It seems like only yesterday I graduated from Primary school (aka hell). I'd constantly tell myself that I'd do my best to make friends unlike in primary school where everybody left and made fun of me and I curse all those who made my life miserable up till now. It turned out that secondary school is a gazillion better than I planned it to be. I'm eternally grateful.

Of course, life isn't all perfect as you might have noticed. I had to go through ups and downs and I was devastated when people come and go. But I learned that mean people are everywhere not only in Primary school. I somehow managed through it. There are times when I felt like giving up but sometimes walking away from unworthy situations is best.

I shall not go on talking about my classmates because they're the best I had and I can't find any other suitable word to describe the love I have for them. Maybe during graduation day I'll do it. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to have such classmates. They are really a 40 in a million! :)

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