Wednesday, 13 July 2011

5N1's encounter with a rude junior, fitness 101, Azlina's 17th, DPA

Usually I'll type a random word/phrase in the tittle bar which doesn't have any relation to what I'm about to blog about but, well. Things change. Hah, this sounds so cheesy but wtvv!

So for the first part of this post, I'd like to talk about. What the tittle says. Duh -.- Earlier today we had like a four period (aka 2 hours) of E Maths where we spent like three periods doing construction. While doing so, three girls - I'm not sure who or from which class but they're certainly freshmen/juniors - came to our class to make an advert. One of the girls came in and one of my classmates started teasing her and she was like shh and we were laughing and while she was doing the advert thing some of my other classmates will interrupt her and she'll give the wtf look and in the end nobody really paid attention to her. Afterwards she wanted to staple the flyer on our classroom noticeboard but one of my classmates told to her to do it on the other one. Maybe I'm just used to the way how my classmates react to things like this and it was just for fun, no hard feelings or whatsoever. Plus Glennis was polite when she told her to staple the flyer at the other notice board.

Okay so my classmates can be pretty mean but they don't mean any harm and I'm sure she knows that. I just don't understand why she needs to be rude and okay fineee maybe I'm making a big deal out of a small matter but I can't help it! We rarely come across a situation like this and it kept the whole class buzzing about the matter for the next five minutes and I don't understand why some people can be calm about it.

So generally, juniors can be pretty. Well, in a more simpler term, they act big. I'm sorry if it's going to offend anyone but it does. It kinds of reminds me of the time when I was their age and how much of a jerk I was too. Maybe you might not notice it now but one day when you're a senior, you'll get it. You'll learn that you wouldn't want your juniors to treat you the way you're treating us now. We don't need you to respect us as someone older but just as a person, the way you want to be treated. That incident earlier really pissed off some of us and it's something none of us want to see again.

So on a general note, I hope this message will convey to all the freshmen/juniors that the way to earn respect is to respect others first. Again, I apologize if this post offends anyone but it's just that this issue had been on my mind since, ever.


Okay, next segment (?) is my PE lesson earlier on. We had an approx 2.4km jog but I seriously didn't know what the hell I was doing. I thought I was jogging till like the second half of the run I was so tired that I thought I'd die, but I didn't! Yay! It was really pressurizing to have such fast runners in the group and some of my friends can be really competitive. Makes me feel so low and unhealthy ): I keep on telling myself I'll do something about my fitness. I'm like so close to passing my BMI so I keep on telling myself that there's still hope ;) I haven't been able to control my diet lately. I've been eating like a pig since last week. Plus Benny keeps talking about food in class. Ergh, damn you Benny! :P

I was really thankful that Amira was there throughout the run, literally forcing me to run faster or she'll kill me. (Nah, I'm exaggerating) She really did told me to not stop running but being me, well. I don't listen much heh! I ended my run with a 2 seconds sprint. Lool! It's really tiring though. I haven't ran in months. The last time I did so was last year. Yes, that long. So thanks Amira!

After that was recess. I thought to myself like if I have to run another meter, I'll die. Seriously, I will. My legs hurt and I was so giddy. We took our time eating and then sang a birthday song for Azlina. Awwww, she must be touched. My idea by the way! Happy 17th Azlina! Luvzxzczxzc!

So here's a glimpse of my DPA application. Daddy help me with it okkkkk!


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