Sunday, 10 July 2011

E Maths Mock, DPA Application

I'm currently feeling very proud of myself. I scored like three distinctions for my mock exams/tests so far and I one B3 for my E Maths. I must say that I'm really improving. I feel so ecstatic. I'm finally back on my feet and it took me this long. And I'll be having another mock exam on Monday and I'm determined to not get a B4. Huahua!

And I've already applied for my DPA. My first choice was Health Sciences (Nursing) at Ngee Ann Poly, second was law & Management at Temasek and last was Medicinal Chemistry at Nanyang Poly. I had some help from my dad with the application. I was certain that I wanted Nursing and Law but I didn't know what I want for the third choice. in the end, I chose Medicinal Chemistry since I'm doing pretty well in my sciences.

I just hope I got in *crosses fingers*

I'm off to Fajar Mac to study.

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