Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harry Potter #8, Saturday is MacDonald Day

So yes, I've watched the show and I must a say that it my parents had never made good use of money till they bought the tickets.

This post may bore those who isn't a fan of the movie, so you may just skip to the second part of the post. Okay so here goes.

I usually go home straight after school but yesterday, I followed the soccer girls to Hong Kah Sec to watch them play. Pretty awkward, felt like the ugly duckling who never fits in ): But it was okay eventually, there were a lot of laughs and they won the match. So congratulations C Girls ;)

Reached home around six. Bathed, watched a lil bit of TV and went off to Lot One, by then it was 8 plus and the movie starts at 9.30pm. And I was so bloody impatient I started to annoy my sister - who left me eventually to follow papa shop for boring men things. We went to the theater like thirty minutes before the movie started to buy popcorn etc etc. Yani and I shared a large popcorn and we had a drink each. Finally I have a drink of my own because she literally finishes everything! Oh, and I text-ed Benny to ask if he happened to watch the same movie at the same time as I was but apparently he has, along with other gazillion Chinese schoolmates of ours. So much for togetherness but whatever.

All in all, the movie was incredible and it had the most perfect ending. I followed the show ever since I was 7 years when it first started and I never regretted watching a single HP movie. It was so amazing and I recommend everyone to watch it.

*This is gonna sound cheesy*

I'm so thankful that JK Rowling wrote the story. Not that I read her books but if it weren't for her, there woudn't be a story in the first place. This show is a gazillion times better than the twilight sagas and I can never feel more satisfied after watching a movie. It was the epitome of awesomeness and it feels so good after watching the best movie ever. I'm such a huge fan and I can't be thankful enough.

The movie taught me a lot. That sometimes it isn't fair for someone to suffer on your account. That in life you'll have to decide to do what is right and what is easier. That true friendship exists. That there are certain sacrifices one has to face to get to the end of the rainbow. That not everyone in the world are good people. That there are solutions to every problem. That death is a part of life everyone has to go through. That when someone loves you, he/she will never leave. Harry Potter taught me to live and his a better teacher than anyone else.

I urge everyone to watch this movie because you will not regret it.


So yes, Saturday/Sunday is study-at-MacDonald-day and I urge everyone in my past to please not go there. From ex boyfriends to haters to whatever. Just don't go there. I'm in mood to recall what happened between us whatsoever. I mean it.

Nah, kidding. Do whatever you want. Get a girl pregnant for all I care.
(Don't take this the wrong way kkk, it's just a figure of speech. But still.)
I rather not see you at all.

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