Saturday, 30 July 2011

Karma for the straight-forward

This blog isn't about mean people. It's just about 'people'. It really annoys me when people treat others how they clearly do not want to be treated. And when bad things happen to them, they'll go around wondering why shit happens.

That's just it. Shit happens. So does karma. I believe in it deeply. I believe in karma because it happened to me once. I shan't dwell on that matter because I've learned my lesson.

You clearly do not like it when people steals your best friend. Why the hell are you stealing other people's best friends? You clearly do not like people flirting with other people's boyfriends. Why the hell are you flirting with other people's boyfriends? You clearly do not like people commenting on the clothes you wear. Why the hell are you commenting on what other's are wearing? You clearly do not like when people are mean to you. Why the hell are you mean to people?

I'm not pefect and I don't believe that I'm such a nice person either but I'm smart enough to know how to treat people right and if there's something about a person that I don't like I'll just be quiet and I'll stay away from them. I'm not refering to anyone in particular, really. Really. Seriously, really.

Not everyone can except everyone's opinions. You'd be lucky if you'd meet someone who calls you a whore and has no reaction to it. I'm just saying that sometimes when you start to feel good about yourself someone else will approcah you and start criticizing.

These people are aware that they are straight-forward. Well, just a gentle reminder, the next time you're about say something, ask yourself if you would want the same comment to be said to you and how does it feel it it did happen. It's about time for you to realize that not everyone is like you.


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