Saturday, 23 July 2011

Song/Videos addictionholic!

Yay, I've managed to change the song. The previous song came with the blogskin and I've been wanting to change it but I don't know how but then I did a lot of copying and pasting and voila!

So I've been on youtube a lot and I really thought that my blog had been very boring with no pictures and stuff. Reason being it takes forever for them to finish uploading. So anyways, I'd just like to share a few of my favourite songs/videos.

This is the current song played on my blog.
I really love Megan Nicole. Who doesn't right!

I'm beginning to love the song :]
Ah! The first rapper is so adorable. Nah, screw that. they're all good looking!

And my friends never heard of Luan Legacy. Can you believe that?

Enough for today. I'm off to have dinner with my family!
OH! And Happy Birthday Haikal Ismail! Love you max!

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