Monday, 25 July 2011

DPA, this sounds cheesy.

I haven't got a text for DPA yet. Some of my friends already have. I want it so badly that if I got rejected, I feel like I'd die. I want this, more than anyone else. I spent a whole afternoon planning what to say and I had discuss it with my parents. It was a whole family decision on my future. If I got rejected, it'll feel like I've put them down. I can't afford to go through another failure. I'd die. At least, emotionally. I'd feel like all the happiness in the world will be gone. It'll feel like this is the end for me.

It'll be like from here on out, my life will go on. With no planning. It'll just go on, like destiny. I shall not expect much anymore.

Nonetheless, congratulations in advance for accepted applicants.

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