Thursday, 28 July 2011

Today's Paper and NP'S HSN Interview

Chillax, I'd start on how unbelieveably nonsensical my paper was today. Well, it's clearly because of my limited vocabulary. Teehee, I'm such a sour grape.

So basically today's paper was fairly tricky. Paper one was, thankfully, manageable. Paper two, not so much. The passage was crappy. I had to read like a gazzlion times to finally have an idea on what it was about. Nyeh, everyone pretty much had difficulty doing the paper. I just hope that I did okay.

Ok I'll skip to the interview. After having lunch with my friends, I went home to settle down. I actually plan to study but I was feeling exhausted and very sleepy. It was just a few papers and I'm already feeling this way. So anyways, I printed a few documents and then got ready. I didn't put on heavy make up okay tsk! I just wore what I wore during the TP Open House this year. Only difference is that I put up my fringe.

Didn't want to get lost k and it's a lucky thing I brought her kkkk!

Moving on, we took a train to BP - I had my headphones off by the way. And then took a bus straight. I can't really describe how nervous I was but I managed to overcome it. Don't ask me how. I just stopped being nervous. So when I alighted there were a gazzlion and one poly students either boarding the bus or just lingering around. Half of me wanted to tell mom to just wait for me at MacDonalds but another half wanted her to follow. What tha hell right, I was already there.

We had a friggin hard time looking for the building. Apparently most of the science schools are like at the back which is pretty annoying (and very troublesome). Some students don't even know where the hell is the place. Yes, we asked around, at least my mom did the talking. I have issues talking with strangers k tsk! So yes when we finally found the block (block 81 btw), I went in on my own. Mama didn't want me to go alone actually, aww! So anyways I didn't know where the hell I should go to and when I looked around I noticed that my mom was still behind me, smiling very widely.

I had to ask this group of (arrogant) students where the room was. Blah blah, I got on the sixth floor and called the lady again to ask which room should I go to. By then it was 5:20pm and I was 10 minutes early!

So basically the questions were - talk about yourself, why did you choose nursing, the qualities of a nurse, what do you do in your free time, what do you hope to gain etc etc. They requested for my Sec 5 Prelim 1 results which I did horribly in and one of the lecturers (there were three) actually told me to work hard. I was just grateful that it was not a thrity minute speech on how important education is. I actually did ask them a few questions myself - what happens if a student doesn't get a diploma, do you give priorities to O level grads or Higher Nitec/Nitec cert holders. I needed to be sure k!

I felt very accomplished after that. I'm really thankful that I got chosen for the interview and it feels like it doesn't really matter if I got in. I just feel glad that I was able to have a chance to even share my thought about this course to someone very experienced. I am aware of other candidates who choose this course. Well, I must say. Best of luck!

And bowl hair cuts are not bad okay!
(Totally out of topic but for Luan looks so cute here!)

Go to LuanLegacy on youtube, seriously! That guy is a legend!

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