Monday, 15 August 2011

Am I wrong? Correct me if I am.

I'll try to make this as less offensive as possible.

Boy best friends mean more to a girl. True or false?
I don't know. I'm confused. The only guy best friend I ever had was Suhardi and if you all know me well enough, we haven't been close since forever. I mean you know it's not that there were third parties or anything. It's life that separated us. Nonetheless, we (at least I) was not afraid of losing him because we still do talk etc.

I do not know why some girls get so excited when they have a new boy best friend. What does gender got to do with anything? It's frustrating. True friendship comes by naturally. You won't say things like 'I'm scared of loosing you' or 'I don't have a boyfriend, but I've got you' sort of thing because they won't leave.

And lets say if you meet a new girl best friend, just as special as the guy, would you treat her the same way. I don't know if they're flirt or just. Ah, i don't know. I don't want to offend anyone but this is how I feel. You. Both of you, want to be together. It's obvious. You just don't want to get hurt and loose each other in the end that's why you remain friends.

Personally, I'd rather have a girl best friend. I know, gender don't matter but there won't be any preference if I have both. Isn't it more fun to have a girl best friend? The gossiping, bitching, starring at other girls, shopping, looking at boys, shopping, talking on the phone without worrying if your parents might find out, shopping, shopping, shopping!

You know the weird thing about these people is that they are more upset when they loose them. Not that I've been there, I've seen people go through this and I don't know if I should laugh or pity them. If I lost Nazirah or Khairiyah or Amira or Norliana or Azlina, I'm certain it'll not be because of fights or our differences. I won't feel insecure when it comes to them because at the end of the day, we'll still be there for each other. I won't have to go around telling people I'm proud to have friends like them because the whole world have seen us together, getting closer after every outing etc.

When you see your boy best friend talking to a girl, you get curious. You become scared if you constantly see them together and eventually curiosity becomes jealousy. If you keep up with this, you'll loose him. I promise you that. Don't deny you feel like so because I know. Not that I've been through it but I can imagine loosing someone.

So, get together already.

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