Friday, 19 August 2011


Who doesn't love Glee right?
Have you heard of The Glee Project? Oh golly, of course you have! For those who don't, it's actually a competition to choose who would be the new face of Glee Season 3. Yes, there's a season 3! Excited not?! And guess who I'm rooting out for?
So the hot right! Better than Biebs, oops!

His from N.Ireland. Haha, I know right! Like after everything I learned about the country etc. Whatever. He has a very deep sexy voice okeh! And and he moves his eyebrows a lot ;D Me likey! And and and oh his accent! :D

Well, everyone in the competition is amazingly talented. But I still hope Damian will win. Damian ftw!

Soooo if you haven't seen them sang yet, here's some vids.
Yet again another way to make my post look interesting ;)

Damian's playing the drums, deep right the voice? But okay lah kan?

I know you're prolly wondering about my results, for both DPA and O Levels. Well, I passed my O level malay and got reject for DPA. I'm not too bumped about it though. And I was strongly encouraged not to retake my Malay by Cikgu Mis while the rest told me to retake. Well, for those of you who told me to do so, Malay might be something easy for you but it isn't the same for me. I have never seen myself as an A or B student. Nonetheless, I've made my decision. I'm certain I'm not gonna regret it. Go shave your head or smth!


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