Sunday, 7 August 2011


To a small extent, I don't really like questions from anons. But I don't mind answering anyways since now I downloaded the tracker thing ;D

Q: Who were your celebrity crushes?
A: Jeremy Sumpter - I thought of him when I saw this question, hah. His my very first celebrity crush back then when he first acted. I was totally obsessed with him. I even googled about him. Nick Jonas - To be honest, i didn't know who he was. There was a poster of him in a magazine I bought and I thought he was cute. Zac Efron - Who doesn't love Zac Efron! Taylor Lautner - Eversince he was known as sharkboy! And then during the first twilight movie he had long hair and I was like bleh and for the next few movies, I like him again ;) Dev Patel - Not during Slumdog Millionare. During the show The Last Air Bender. I said i like guys with thick brows remember! David Henrie - Again, thick eyebrows! Rupert Grint - Red Hair! Tom Felton - Blonde! Yoseob - The only Korean celeb who looks different. And thick brows!

That's about it. I think I'll upload a collage of their pictures on the next post.

Q2: If you had to choose one friend to travel around the world with, who would you choose?
A: This answer is gonna be unexpected but I'll go with Amira. It's simply because she recently asked me if I wanted to follow her family to Bali at the end of the year, aww! We have had our differences throughout the years and we've never really been close but one thing's for sure is that she's never selfish and she's the only one among my closest friends who never judged me and I like her for that. Oh, and not to mention she shops a lot too! Maybe she might not feel the same way but if you asked me, I'd choose her.

Q3: So you never loved rio?
A: Hahaha, I take that I've known you from somewhere or vice-versa. I can't really say for sure that I had never ever ever loved him. I have met a few guys after the break up but you know the feeling of loving someone new who comes along? No, I didn't had that feeling. I know I had to move on but back then I wanted someone who would treat me like how rio did. There's only one thing that I'm certain of and that is I do not have feelings for him anymore. There will be times when I think of him. Sometimes it's because I miss him, and sometimes it's just for the sake of memories. But I can safely say that the feelings are gone.

It's not that I hate him either. I just hate that he broke my heart and that's pretty normal and I've gotten over it. It's been, what. Two years? (Haha, whoa!) Rio had given me more than I could asked for and I know that one day, I'll meet someone who'll do the same or better and that'll be the day I realize that we never really loved each other. Yes, we had feelings. But love's not the right word. And if that day ever comes, I'll still be thankful that we used to be together.


See, that's what I get for not tumblring for a week. Teehee, I feel so popular! (Tumblr inside joke)

So yes, I've changed the colour of my blogskin. Not much difference you say? It used to be light grey and now it's white. Lol. And I've changed the song too.

I'm incredibly obssesed with it!
Next To You (Cover) by Conor Maynard & Ebony Day.

He doesn't sound English right!

Ah, I'm so excited for tomorrow. NDP celebration and for once I'm not in the parade. I can't wait for the concert, Natasha will be singing \m/ Girlfriends and I will then be planning on where we'd go on the 9th and then I'll be watching a movie (probz Captain America) and breaking fast at Johor with my family. Yayness!

Oh, and have you watched Beastly? It's amazing I tell you! All of you should watch it! Really! It's not slow, I promise you that. And no vampires. It's more like another version of Beauty & The Beast. Really!

Here's the trailer.

And this too!


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