Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I'm too lazy to take a screenshot of the questions so I'll just get a move on with it yah!

Q: I know you don't like talking about this, but what is it about primary school that you hate so much?

A: I just don't like how I was being treated, like an outsider. It wasn't all that bad at first but somehow rather my friends started to keep their distance from me. Things eventually got worst, there were confrontations and then things were alright again. But just because things are alright doesn't mean that it's better right? I even got cyber bullied, they called me names etc etc. The ones who gave me problems were the girls so I hung out with the guys and with that, I was known as a flirt. It affected me so much that I didn't attend school on the last day. It's sad to don't you think? The worse part is I don't mind. Graduation is suppose to make a big impact on everyone, after all you might never see each other again. But no, I was at home cursing those who made my life miserable to go to hell.

That's why I try to make the best out of my secondary school life. I'm not saying that my life now is perfect, it got it's ups and downs but I find it easier to handle such situations right now. Nonetheless, what I experienced then is something I don't want to go through again.

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