Saturday, 27 August 2011


You might have guessed that I don't really know what to blog about. Life's has had it's downs lately and so I'd like to say to my friends - particularly my classmates, how thankful I am for having you around. You're always there to make me laugh/smile whenever I'm feeling down. I don't know what I'll do without you ;) I love all of you, you know that ^^

So yes, nothing to do blog about. Raya preparations had been going fine and I can't wait for Tuesday. About time I get some cash. And it's the last year I'm getting any anyways :B

I just like to share the videos I have in my iPod. I watch them just to kill time. Like before bed, in between doing revisions, when nothing's on TV etc. Nyehah!

So I'm sure everyone knows Nigahiga by now. Who doesn't?

I know this is lame but graduation scenes in movies make me cry :((

So everyone must watch this! So friggin touching! You must have watched the movie though. Long story short, the couple decided to take a one year break and they hid both of them hit a letter under s tree where they'll read it when they're supposed to meet again aka a year later.

Another graduation video by the famous youtuber Kurt Schneider.
I wuv Kurt Schneider! And Sam Tsui of course!

Done with my video spam!
Pretty lazy to organise everything and i hope this post may compensate with the other days of this week. i have Korean videos too but I bet no one will watch it so yea.

Off to Sims!

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