Monday, 29 August 2011

So I cam across this tumblr blog and for those tumblebloggers out there, I'm certain you've heard of the ever popular 30 Day Challenge. Long story short, I came across this Facebook/Tumblr challenge. Since I don't upload my personal posts on tumblr, I shall do it here instead!

The challenge is: Talk about each of your classmates and explain why you love/hate them. Also tell us if they feel the same way for you too!

Obviously, I won't talk about EACH of them! I'm not that free okeh!
Enough babbling, here goes!

So err. I obviously love my classmates more than I hate them. I started off not knowing majority of them because we were from different classes. I don't know how but somewhere along the line I started to mingle around and got the hang of their presence and eventually, their nonsense! I love them because they make me laugh all the time. Some of them may be rude and annoying sometimes but at the end of the day, they gathered up all of their conscience and respected their peers. You know the mean things I said about them, like they treat studying like it's the only thing they're good at? Well, not that I don't mean that. It's just that I learned that they're everywhere and we have to adapt to them because life's a challenge - especially in the classroom! But yes, i still love them, love us. I just framed our last year's class photo and argh, how it really sucks not to have them around next year.

I'm not really sure if they feel the same way but as far as I'm concerned I've never really asked for trouble from them or anything. I mean, if they hate me it won't be because I was bitchy to them or anything. At least, not that I know of. I just try to get along with everyone and if I notice that they start to get attitude with me - like not get interested or give me the lame look - I'll just take note and ignore cus heh dude, I don't miss having drama in my life. Still, I won't hate them ;D

And to my classmates (whose reading this), I don't hold any grudges against you. Really. To me, you're either my friend or not at all. Not a foe, just a stranger. And when it comes to the 42 of you, you're more than a friend to me. We grew up together - seriously look at our epic class photos! Ah, shan't go all emotional, makes me cry :( But yes, I love every single one of you :}


But seriously dude, we started off not knowing anything about each other and then bam! We're good friends. You're one of the only people who knows that I'm feeling down without me telling and you always cheer me up, one way or another. I feel so touched aww! I love you man!

Oh, speaking of school, another Luan video! Ahaha! I showed this to my mom and she laughed so hard!

"Shit happens when you dream of school.


Ah, I'm supposed to post some Hari Raya thing. The thing is, I'm not really good at typing long messages about this sorta thing. I'll get lame and then people will laugh at me ):

Ah whatever!
Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua kenalan saya! Maafkanlah kalau ade salah silap ker terkasar bahasa ker maki maki ke kutuk-mengutuk ker menyakitkan/menyinggung hati kamu ker etc etc. Kite buang yang keroh ambil yang jernih lah ya!


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