Friday, 12 August 2011


Evening readers!

So I've endured approx 2 weeks of fasting. My parents said I look thinner, aww. Though I don't see/think/feel it. I feel the same. I eat exceptionally little in the morning and then like a pig in the evening. So I might as well say I haven't changed at all. I'm even too scared (or embarrassed) to weigh myself :/

Moving on, have you heard of this new beverage shop at BPP? At the first sight you might think that it's a Chinese stall which sells Chinese tea and stuff like that. Errrr half true. You should all try the Golden Ovaltine. Recommended by Norliana (: There's a mixture of both ovaltine - duh - and oats. Unique right? I actually had my dad drove us there after break fast yesterday. My family liked it too. It's pretty awesome to have something in common with your family. Especially at this age. Heh!

Dad also bought the apple strudel at Ritz. It's not really a shop. It's located near Starbucks and the supermarket. I remembered when I was younger and it was the most frequently consumed food in my family. It was so much cheaper back then. Only $12 plus for like 50cm of it. My uncle would buy it for our weekly family dinners. It was awesome. Until the price went up and by then the taste of it stayed on our tongues for weeks and we didn't even realize that we haven't eaten any for a long time. So yesterday was the first time in like six or seven years since I last ate it. I feel so satisfied.

And I just had two scoops of ice creams from Udders. I prefer Ben & Jerry though. And it's a must for me to have cookies and cream. I know it taste the same for all brands but I like oreos and thus, i like cookies and cream! The other scoop was kit kat something. Not really nice, I have to admit. But it was fine. Just saying that I've tasted better. But okay lah!


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