Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hari Raya with my homies!

Hello readers! 

How was my Raya outing with my friends? Well, I might as well say that I had a jolly good time. Better than the previous years! I feel so satisfied now that I get to spend a whole day with other seniors considering that it may be the last Raya outing we'll ever have :(((((

This are my sissy's friends who came over the day before. There were like 6 guys too. Total of 19 of them! Apparently the whole malay express cohort was around. Pretty fun right! ^

So my friends and I, as per usual, were late. We met up at South View LRT and then head off to Hazmie's house. It was sooooo far away but heels were so worth it. I only get to wear it like once a year so yeah. 

Blue and orange! Pretty nice combo don't you think? They always dress up like brothers. Haha! 

Khairiyah as usual wanna act cute. Wakaka joking! ^^

Finally at Hazmie's

After that we went off to Hakim's house. He claimed that it was only walking distance but considering that my leg was in pain, I refuse to walk! 

Yes, we took the bus ^ 
Only a few stops away. Waste money only! 

We watched 17 Again at his place. Less than half of it. The cafeteria scene was hilarious! 

^ I don't know what Hazmie did with my camera but I love this effect! 

I look sooooo fat! :((((((((((((((((((((((

Took a train to my place *points up* 

And at my house we were supposed to continue watching 17 Again but my DVD player was being a bitch and it could not play. So we watched Haunted Changi instead. Look at how focused they are! 

Hazmie's a camwhore too! Who would've thought? 

Hakim and Putra trying to act drama. LOL! 

At the void deck *below*

On the way to Liana's houseeeee *below*

There, we talked about first impressions and Amira's first impression of me was that I was a bitch. Haha! okay, she didn't call me that obviously cus if she did I'd be attitude through the rest of the evening. She claimed that I stole Nazirah from her during camp yada yada and that I bully her all the time yada yada. It was one of the cutest things I've ever heard! I don't know to what extent it is true since Naz and I bully people all the time and Naz and I just happen to be close during camp. I don't know about you Mira but it's been five years and I can't believe that you still remember that, LOL! Well, no hard feelings Mira ;D 

All I remembered that Liana had a toe nail operation. Looked so friggin innocent but turned out so minahhhhhh! HAHAHA! Kidding! 

But you know it may not be true what people say about first impressions. I mean, we had bad first impressions for each other than we became friends! Awwwww! So do get to know your classmates first before judging them. Who knows they might turn out to be a good person after all! 

Moving on was Khairiyah's house. More scary movies -.-"
I hate scary movies! It's like I'll close my eyes during the movie and I won't really see anything. 


Micro epic fail! 

Hahaha Hazmie!

After that was Aini's house. 
Played with my cammy. Hehehehe!

Oh, and Hazmie lovesss Ferreros. However they spell it. He literally took the whole container and ate it all to himself! Okay lah, all of us at least had one. We left only one of them in the container XD 

Khairiyah being an ass *below*

Ahhh finally! Looks better in my camera tho heh! 


Okay we were tired! So freaking tired!

Well, that's all the photos I have. 

And you know, I heard that someone read my blog and had been spreading around what I've post. About me not being happy with the previous group who went out Raya before us (read the previous post). You know, it's a small school and people do talk. 

I don't really know what's the point of explaining myself when I don't have to feel guilty about anything. But dear readers, before you tell stories based on what you read in my blog, please read the whole post and tell them the actual story. Better yet, show them my post. 

For instance, the previous post. I heard that some of you mention that I wasn't happy with 'the plan'. Did you also mention that it was a bad habit of mine to make it a big deal and I hate feeling that way? I doubt so. 

Anyways, I don't want to do any assumptions here. I don't even know if what I just said is correct because for all I know, the person who told me the story might be twisting facts too. But hey, you'll be the culprit here if you start to turn things around and make it seem like I'm the villain. Just saying ;D

This video explains my mood now! I think I've post it before but I'm not sure hmm. 

I prolly should go back to entertaining guests. Open House babey! 

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