Friday, 30 September 2011

Sorry Anon!

Hello again, second post of the day. I know I should prolly be studying but this shall only take awhile! 
So before I edited my tumblr background, I received this anonymous question. I didn't answer it because written posts don't look good on my tumblog. I deleted the question but I think this is what he/she asked: 


(Something like that lah. Anyways, here's to you anon.) 

I used to blog about them a lot. Particularly about the things I don't like about them. Eventually I realized that it wasn't really nice. I mean, if I were to behave badly towards them one day, I'd certainly won't want them to blog about me. So I learnt that there's a limit when it comes to blogging. I know it's too late to admit this now but better late than never right? 

My friends and I have been through a lot of shit. It's like we can't live without fighting and arguing. We can be sooooo unreasonable most of the time and frankly, I don't know how we put up with each other. But on a personal level, I don't hold any grudges on them. It's called moving on. I do heard that one person (from my circle of friends) hate me though but it doesn't matter and we don't get along well either. Something about me being an ass some years ago. I don't know to what extent it's true but I find it really stupid to hate someone for what they did a few years ago. Not to mention to hate someone you don't know too! And especially because of their attitude and when they didn't do anything that offended you etc. But anyways, I'm not sure. It's only what I heard from people - ah, the school's too small lah!

My group of friends are the type who makes noises along hallways and we make fun of people especially the ones we really really don't fancy. The only problem with us is that sometimes we laugh at others more than we laugh at ourselves. Not literally tho. I mean we make fun of others but we don't like it when others make fun of us. Pretty un-logical right? I used to be the best at that but I realize when I get all moody and sensitive, no one cares. In fact, they'll talk about you. You know what they say - when they stop talking to you, they'll start talking about you. I didn't change over night. It took me sometime to change. I don't know if I'm lesser sensitive now but I feel so much more optimistic. It's not that I don't mind being criticized. It's just that Dad told me that the best way to handle them is to ignore. It works actually. I've tried it *dancing eyebrows*

I don't want to go further about my friends flaws because everyone's imperfect. I'm only saying this because you asked and I find that the content is pretty general and I'm not pointing at any particular person. I do believe that when you know someone, it includes the negatives. All in all, I love my friends. Rain or shine, through high waters or droughts, every minute and every day. They make me feel like I belong somewhere and I can never be more thankful. They may not be the most understanding people on the planet but they're there to always listen and I can never ask for more.


By the way have you heard of Xiaxue? I just heard about her like last few weeks and ahhh I love her blog! Very pink and lot's of pictures! I only saw her photos tho. Too many words I don't like. (I'm like referring to my own posts, hmmm!) One thing about being the most well known blogger is that you're known to handle things maturely. Unless of course you go over the limit etc and then it'll be like 'oh, you're going down bitch!' HAHAHA.

Oh and I'm excited for October! Ftw October babies! It's gonna be a fucked up month tho. O levels and all. :(((((((((((((((

Okay lah, lil sissy wants to play! Night everyone :) 

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