Friday, 30 September 2011


Hey hi heylow yellow below! 
I know I said that I won't be blogging till 14th November but wth I can't help it! 

So a lot has happened since the last time I blogged *smiles very widely* I'm currently using my PC to blog and my photos (Raya open house etc)are all in my laptop so I'll just post them some other time yah ^^

How I've been you may ask? Swell. Because exams are just around the corner and I've been cracking every brain cell on my revisions. Thank goodness I'm doing so well in E Maths. As for POA, well. I'm not allowed to drop the subject but it's okay. I'm not retaking my Malay and I am sooooo not happy with the system now! I prefer doing my self study in the library instead of in the classroom. Ergh! And now I spend every MT lesson roflmao-ing with Nazirah. It's more of a gossip session *eyebrows* My other subjects, er. Okay okay lah! 

So anyways, Dad's buying me a new phone after my exams! I'm so looking forward to it! Apart from that my buddies and I have made plans to spend our holidays together, aww! We'll be going to USS. Speaking of which, the non peak dates has been brought forward to Nov 21st and exams ends on Nov 14th. Here's the seasonal price chart - x 

One of my friends actually made a very wise suggestion to go there next January instead. Unfortunately the days for the seasonal price charts haven't been released :( Ah anywhooo, 

 I'm thinking of getting a part time job, with Khairiyah. Very reasonable salary you know! I'd easily get thousand plus dollars if I work a whole month, eight hours, five days a week. And then can buy the DSLR I've been wanting since forever! 

Speaking of which, I did ask a few people what's a good brand. Many will tell Sony (see my FB). But my cousin (technically cousin-in-law, haha!) told me that all brands are the same. his a photographer by the way. He took pictures of my family photoshoot *see below* 

It's taken at his house actually. He has the umbrella and the equipment all. I doubt that it's his permanent job tho. But i love going to his house because it's full of photos of his family - very good quality too! 

Okay back to the point, he said that Nikon's good for beginners. So I'm thinking of the Nikon D3000/D5100. I haven't really done much reserach on them. Three of my friends have the D3000 and the functions are fairly simple. 

Okok gonna collect my Baseball jacket now! Yaynessssssssssss!
See you when I see you! <3 

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