Saturday, 8 October 2011


Ah, once again my two hours of tuition has earned me the right to use the computer. How wonderful :) 
Hello readers, I hope your week had been a swell one.  

I don't know why but I hate going to school now. I feel so sleepy every effing day- maybe except during Chemistry because it's the only lesson when my teacher actually share stories with us etc. Other lessons are just worksheets and self study. Might as well mail us the worksheets and we'll do it at home. I think that happened once! In primary school during the holiday my teacher actually mailed us last minute homework. Pretty effective I must say. 

Besides school, ah! Before I forget, one of my friends has never ever ever ditched from remedial! Well, till the other day I think. Hint: She has Dora's hair XD The way she reacted is so similar to mine whenever I ditch too. It's like 'my mind says go but my heart says no' sort of situation. It's pretty weird because when others do the same, they don't really feel anything. But if it were me, I'd feel uber guilty - but I get over it fast heh. Still, I'd think about whether I'd get into trouble the next day, whether my parents will be called up etc. I'm just glad that i have a friend to feel guilty with, aww! :) And then blame my other friends for asking me to do such a thing. Wahaha, I'm sucha sour grape (I've mentioned this a lot of times I think, heheh!) 

There's nothing much to blog about actually. I just found a job by the way. I'll be starting after Os. While at it I bought a charm bracelet at Scape's flea market! I literally thought of buying everything :P Oh, and we came across this shop. I can't remember what's the name but they sold fries there. Yerp, just purely fries. I don't know lah but neways, there was no Halal sign anywhere so we weren't gonna take the risk to try them even though they don't sell any sort of meat. It's at Cineleisure (however it's spelled) by the way!

That's it from me. Just a few days till O level! I'm studying now. 
I neeeeed rest. What better way than to play Sims? 

PS: Liana kicked a ball at me and it hit my stomach! It was duirng PE. the first five seconds was excruciatingly painful that I teared. It got okay after that. Darn it! Thought something will happen so that I can sue her. LOL. ROFL. LMAO. Joking Lianaaaaa! :F 

(Got to admit it was fun. Makes me less vulnerable to wtv will happen in the future.)

Okok bye! 

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