Monday, 10 October 2011

Fourteen days of fuckery

Yes, like what the tittle says, fourteen days of fuckery. Hang in there classmates! You'll be surprised how fast all this will be over ;) 

I've got so many things I want to blog about. Like how my secondary school years have been a thrilling and sucky ride. To be frank it's so much more exciting than primary school. I haven't really said that directly but I'm sure you all know. 

I won't be going to graduation night this year. I know I'm gonna regret it since I'm the only one among my friends who started of feeling very enthusiastic about it. If you ask me, 70 bucks is worth it. Yes, pricey. But come on lah, grad night only comes by your way like once or at most four times. I want to go, really. I'm not going because my friends are not going :(((((( Gahs, it's okay lah really. I'll get over it. 

Instead of that, I'll be going to USS with ma buddies and meeeee! 

But until then, fourteen days of fuckery. 

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