Thursday, 13 October 2011

High school never ends ~

So yes, today marks the last day of my secondary school life. Well technically, the last day would be the 14th but zomg, I'm starting to miss everything already :( Today is like one of ze best cawhoring day in school. Plus only the 4Es and 5Ns were in school. It was so quiet, me likey! Teehee! 

So I'll let the pictures do the talking yah! I look incredibly fat here lah :((( Okay I sound so insecure. Haha. No not fat, just bigger than the rest. And notice that my shoulder is so much more broad-er than my other girl classmates! All thanks to swimming lessons in primary school. 


Not many pictures lah right? But it's still worth keeping :)

I'm not gonna blog about all those goodbye posts because it's not goodbye yet :') 
Good luck everyone! 

PS: I'll upload this on facebook soon okay? To my classmates who want the photos, feel free to just take it from here but do let me know afterwards yah!

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