Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One prroud glee-atch!

(Get it? Glee + biatch = glee-atch? Haha, nevermind. I stole that word from a contender anyway. Sounds so much cooler when you say it. :P) 

Weee immah GLEEK! 
(L) (L) (L) (L) (L)

Ah my Damian! He has met AJ Rafael by the way! How awesome! 

(All of them are contenders by the way. Have you met Cameron and Bryce?) 
Cameron actually backed out of the competition due to his religious beliefs. The last episode he was in he was asked to kiss someone in a music video but didn't want to. So in the end after the last chance performance he decided to back out and he saved Damian! Yerpz, Damian was supposed to be eliminated but since Cam backed out. Yah, you get what I mean right? Awwww-nees!

Oh and and plus Hannah too! 

So cute right the threesome! And Hannah's super inspiring. Too bad she didn't make it :(

If you didn't follow the show, The Glee Project, Samuel and Damian won seven guest star episodes while Alex and Lindsay won two. Initially, there was supposed to be only one winner but I bet Ryan Murphy felt sorry for them or something and decided to give the finalists a lil something something. Heh! 

And here's a spoof of the next season. A bit of a spoiler but worth the watch! 

Oh, and to N level graduates/candidates/wtv, here's are a list of things you might want to do to kill time ;)

  • Get a job - maybe start with err, three days a week? 
  • Go to USS to celebrate Halloween! 
  • Have class gatherings, and be nice to each other! 
  • Play Sims, lol <3 
  • Do not look for drama! I know life after N may be boring, okay no. It WILL be boring but do not look for trouble okay! 
  • Go through poly websites
  • Have lots of family reunions. 
Or at least those will be the things that I do, teehee! 

I know I've been telling some of you this: Do not go to Sec 5 after Ns. 
It's not fair right? Just because my life had been miserable I figured your's will be miserable as well. I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about, it's only N level and it's nothing compared to what your seniors are going through. Sec 5 can be fun if you're willing to make sacrifices like your computer and TV time. Yes, you have to be willing to do that. ITE is not a dumping ground for those who has no where else to go. It's for those who already know what they want to do with their lives. People who go to ITE, similar to those who go to Poly, are independent learners and I envy them. It's a short cut, but if it guarantees you success then it's a risk you're willing to take :) But I can guarantee you that being in Sec 5 is not easy. For some weird reason you're expected more. And do not let anyone decide your future for you.

Ahhhh, I'm still in my uniform by the way. I need to do my chores plus study my Geog. Life sucks. 

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