Saturday, 12 November 2011

17 Again ^^

These pictures are so overdue! But I promise to post about my 17th birthday right? So here goes! 

This is me, the morning I woke up. Yes, this is how I look every morning - well, depending on how I do my hair the night before heh. So unglam lah! If I'm not wrong I was texting a few of my friends the night before and I didn't realize that it was already the 23rd until Rio Haikal wished me Happy Birthday, followed by a few other friends. Nazirah wished me the night before tho, hahs. 

So my parents like barged into the room at 8am in the morning with a present! And like almost every year, they got me a headphone! 

I really really like it okay! So much better than my previous headphone. I think a lot of you might be wondering why I prefer headphones to the other 'inner-ear' earpiece. Err, I don't really have a good explanation to answer that heh. I just prefer it that's all. 

Afterwards, we went out for breakfast at Bukit Timah. We wanted to try Al-Azhar but it was closed. So we went to the other one which is, okay okay lah. 

MAMA & DADA *above* 
SISSY *below* 

Heehee, my 17 year old faces below! Skip skip! So paisey :P My eyes look a bit small here, no? And if you're wondering why my brows aren't equal, it's because my mom accidentally trimmed it off while cutting my fringe when I was a child. HAHA. I think I'm going threading soon. I just hope it won't get so thin :P :P 

And below are the pictures of the charm bracelet I got at SCAPE. It was my first time going there and they sell a lot of nice things there! I was so tempted to buy all of them but I only bought one. I'm replacing one of the charms with a peace sign \m/

After that we went to IMM. As some of you might have known, I love Body Shop products! I got a Birthday discount and mum surprised me with the White Musk Libertine package, a blusher and a lip balm on the spot! Plus, Yani had her plan renewed or something and didn't mind a zero-dollar phone so Dad trade in Yani's old phone and purchased the phone I'm using now! I think I've mentioned this before lah. 

I apologize about the photos below. I completely forgot to rotate them, heehee! So tilt your head a lil bit lah yah! :) 

We went home around 12pm. Slept all the way till 3 plus and when I woke up, my family was already getting the steam boat ready. I personally picked chicken flavour because we've been having tom yam all the time! 

I must say that it was a really lovely meal. It was awesome! I ate majority of the meat heehee! 

So that night we had cake! What's a birthday without cake right? It was the mos yummiest cake I've ever tasted! Nutella flavour! I couldn't guess it at first but then I was like 'eh, like Nutella lah!' I gave some of the remaining to Sabila. Afterall, we're neighbours! 

So once again, I apologize if the photos are of bad quality or whatsoever. Of course there was more to my day then I what I post here. I didn't take a lot of photos because I spent most of my time window shopping etc. I don't know if your impression of me would change after this (you might think I'm rich and spoil because of my presents?) but I hope not okay! I never asked for these presents, my parents just bought them for me. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my birthday. I didn't received much wishes and I doubt that my friends are gonna buy me any presents but it's okay really :) 

Oh oh wait! 

Benny bought me a bear *above* Thanks Bennyzxczxzcxzczxc! I really appreciate it <3 By the way, I'm gonna keep that love letter forever and ever! 

Alrighty I'm done. I have had a lot of outings and I did take pictures but all of them are on Facebook and I'm just too lazy to blog about them. So I don't owe all of you anything yahs? 

Over and out, peace! 

PS: I'll improve in my blogging style/skill soon! I know some of my sentence structures are horrible and lame, I apologize :)

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