Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bucket list

So technically, I'm bored (as you can tell from my previous post). And this post is inspired by this blog. I've seen a lot of their posts on my dashboard and thought that hey, why not make my own bucket list? It's not a permanent thing. I haven't try any of these but I'd like to, some day maybe. Here goes! 

Attend my secondary school classmates' wedding. Travel with my buddies before I get married. Eat at a very famous restaurant. Learn how to sew clothes. Hike up Bukit Timah. Go to Disneyland. Make a successful snowman. See the sunrise/sunset. Run pretty long distances. Meet Hollywood celebrities. Listen to all of One Direction's songs. Highlight my own hair. Learn the history of Islam. Go stargazing. Go shopping alone. Hug a monkey. Own many pairs of Vans shoes. Learn how to walk in heels. Go on a cruise. Adopt a kitten. Go to Hogwarts. Attend a party. Wear contact lenses. See a live band perform. Write a letter to my friends and give it to them during the reunion. Be proposed/do the proposing in a car under the stars. Bedazzle my phone cover. Own a lot of cosmetics. befriend a make-up guru. Meet a famous youtuber. Cry during my sister's wedding. Have my Dad teach me how to drive. Live in a nice penthouse. Have a long distance relationship. Eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on my own. Play monopoly until I get broke. Speak Malay fluently. Thank my teachers when I'm married. Pray in a mosque. Do a cartwheel. Learn how to skate. Eat all types of bread. Have a Hindustan movie marathon with my friends. Walk across a long bridge. Volunteer. Have my Dad as my wakil on my wedding day. Die with no regrets

One very long list don't you think? But I still think that it's not enough tho, hmm. Anyways yes here it is, my temporary bucket list. Heeh, lol. 

Oh and I just dyed my hair! 

I'm still waiting for the colour to show. It's been two hours and it's still pretty black. (LOL, pretty black?) Except for the roots tho. I was actually supposed to dye it this weekend at Johor but I just couldn't wait. Besides, hairdressers would usually pester customers into going for treatments and what not when all we wanted was only a hair cut. Right right? No? Okay. 

Sophia's sleeping over. I'm working tomorrow. Boo. 

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