Saturday, 26 November 2011

Things to look out for!

Hey hey hey! I know some of you are waiting for another post from moi :P It's just that I've been so busy with work lately. And yes, apart from that I do have a social life but no, I'm not going to blog about my recent outings because I is lazy! Besides, it's nothing much lah! 

IF you've been 'following' me on Facebook, you'd know that i just got my own ATM card and Fithri and a few of his friends AND a few 4E students are working at the same place as I am. Pretty much more than half of the part-timers are/were from Zhenghua which is really cool because that way I feel comfortable. GAHS, I feel comfortable working with anyone whose the same age as me, heh. 

Okiiie so here are some of the 'big' events which I'll be blogging about soon so stay tuned! Ahah, LOL. 

  1. Annual family holiday!
  2. Miss Tan's wedding ^^ 
  3. My cousin's wedding (which I'm heavily involved in) 
  4. Outing to USS with my friends. 
  5. Class outing (idk when but it's bound to happen!) 
  6. Christmas/New Year celebration 
Oh, and yes ZSS's Open House! So the very boring I tell you. But I'll blog about it the next time anyways. With pictures too! 

Before I forget, I did mention that I'll be blogging about a few random topics right? Well, here are the topics. 

  1. Transsexuals 
  2. Straightforward people 
  3. Famous youtubers (again)
So I'll obviously have to think twice before actually posting about these. I have actually attempted doing so but I deleted the whole thing in the end because I understand that it's a sensitive topic and it might get pretty offensive. 

Oh, and yes. I've just watched Breaking Dawn. Nothing to blog about, really. It wasn't really that fantastic. Nonetheless, I'll still be watching part 2, just to know how it ends ;) 

Meanwhile, I'll be babysitting my nieces and nephews and watching lots and lots of Korean Dramas - with Lee Min Ho in it. I just rented City Hunter. Teehee! 

And I'll be renting Personal Taste soon too! :D 

Still can't beat Boys Over Flowers lah. Right?


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