Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hello dear readers! 

I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging lately. There's just not so much to blog about. I know I promised random topics but I don't really know how to say it in the most 'un-offensive'way. So I'll have to think twice before posting it.
Work? It was pretty okay, not to mention last minute and extremely tiring. But first off, congratulations to Khairiyah on the 'promotion' to being a permanent part-timer! On Monday, Khai texted me and asked if I would like to work the next day and I was like 'NO, I'VE YET TO BUY THE STUFF'. But if I start on a later date it'll be like I'm the only inexperienced staff there. So I just grabbed Liana along with me to accompany me to buy my things and it's official that she's the only person who helped me buy my first working clothes. Awwww Lianaaaaaaaa <3  

We took like three bloody buses to get to Old Woodlands from the interchange. All thanks to our personal directory. If it weren't for that we would've got the things sooner! Anyways, when we got there, we had our late lunch and then looked for my things. Everything's there and we didn't had a hard time looking for it. The things I purchased were only temporary because I know it wouldn't last long considering the prices and all. 

After which, we headed to Causeway to buy some stuff (but there wasn't much) and then to Plaza to buy more things and then that was it! 

Okay now for work. Aidil and I were really nervous like hell. Everything was fine lah actually. My job was just to offer coffee/tea, clear tables, top-up drinks etc. Was not as simple. My colleagues were really friendly also and majority of them were foreigners. Ah, actually all of them are foreigners and one of the chef's actually asked me where I was from and I was like 'ah Singapore?' and he was like 'oh local ah?' HAHA. Another uncle actually thought I was from Philippine until I answered him back in Malay. I feel a bit awkward around them because they are so experienced and I'm like so low low low low plus they don't really speak English often (but are still good at it)! But I'm getting the hang of it! I feel so happy now that I have a job although it's temporary. Right now, my whole body is practically aching (I slept the whole afternoon when I got home) and I took an off day tomorrow. Yessa I can finally visit nenek at the hospital! 

Maybe next year I'll only be working once a week. Depending on my schedule. 

And a tip to those in need of a job: Try not to be choosey lah yah. It's a part time job. And there's no such thing as an easy job. You don't expect to get paid just by sitting around right? 

Thanks again Liana for accompanying me! You're awesome!

PS: I hope this video makes up for this boring post :)


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