Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas wishlist

Hello everyone! 
So yes it's Christmas! And this post was supposed to be published at least three days ago. And it's Christmas and I have yet to buy anything for anyone, myself. Especially myself :P I actually planned to buy toy cars for my nephews, hair accessories for my nieces, treat my family to dinner and buy myself a pair of Vans shoes. Nuff said. Here's my wishlist. At least things to get before the year ends. 

First must have:

Vans shoes! Preferably the high cut ones. Too bad they don't have much variety for women. I saw a red high cut shoe once at Taka. And I can't wait to buy it!


Body shop's Shimmer Cubes: Chocolate Box


Body shop's Shimmer Box: Blue Moon. 

I've always loved eye make up. Sometimes I'll tend to go overboard with my eye make up and it'll look too outstanding. So I'll usually ask my mum for help when it comes to this. HEEHEE :D But it's okay if I don't get this. I just purchased the 'Smoky Eyes' eye shadow at Sabah anyways. From Body Shop too. 

It also comes in Silver Black. The one that the salesgirl/make up artist help me to apply while I was there. 

Yer it smudged a lilttle bit. 


Books by Nicholas Sparks! 
I watch movies based on what I read in books/novels. I just recently bought The Last Song and I'm feeling so determined to finish it. I'm not even halfway through completing the book and there are already a lot of differences from the movie. Lol did I phrase that sentence right? Gah, but you know what I mean. The next book I'm planning to buy and read would be Message In A Bottle or Dear John. 

That's it actually. Wow, that's one short list. Haha! 

Well, I've stopped working... wait for it. For the year! Okay lame. I miss my colleagues already! How extremely wacky they are and not to mention how incredibly helpful they have been. It has really been a wonderful working journey so far despite the downturns along the way. But well, you can't escape from the outcome of your mistakes right? For the record, I have been yelled at by guests and I have to say that some of the chefs were pretty rude so don't assume that my working life so far was a smooth one. But hey, my mum yells at me all the time and I deal with rude people in school during my CCA training too. As for the scoldings from my bosses, it can be nothing compared to the scoldings I get at home or when I attend Red Cross camps/trainings. Not trying to say that I've had a rough life (come to think of it, my life is pretty fair) but I'm just saying that I've been through  worse. So yes I'll be continuing working next year. 

That's it for now. Oh! And nenek has been discharged from the hospital and is now back home. Aww nek! :D 

Happy holidays everyone!

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