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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hello everyone! Yes, this is going to be one very long post. I didn't manage to upload all the photos here because my album was full so I had to upload it on photobucket and copy-paste the codes here. Really troublesome I tell you! 

So this year's holiday was very very different from the previous years. Back then, we don't usually plan our trips. We just call my relatives at Melacca a few days in advance that we're coming and we'll just come over. I've been waiting for this holiday long before my O Levels and I kinda miss it now :( 

Anyways, a little bit of info? I don't know much but here goes!

Sabah is located in the northern part of Borneo. Familiar? ^^ Google yourself for the maps lah heheh! It used to be 'controlled' by The Southern Phillipines. So that's why the people there look a little bit like Phillipinos. Imagine that: Phillipino + Malay. In other words, the people there are really good looking! Plus, they have an Indonesian accent! Pfft!

Moving on, the trip itself! 
We woke up bright and very early in the morning. Yes, I was still feeling very sick then but I wanted to go so badly. Hence I just forced myself to get out of bed and prepared everything. Headed to Senai Airport at Johor where Dad left his car. After which we had breakfast at Coffee Bean. Yes, I was still feeling very very sick. I felt like collapsing anytime but I didn't! :D 

In the plane. Check out my face! Haha! 

My temples were throbbing like mad. Mum had to actually massage my head almost the whole time. Awwh! Plus there was this woman who insisted on seating in the hot seat - which is slightly bigger - despite not being allowed to. She was stubborn as hell! She actually kept on coming back to that seat even after the flight attendant asked her to return back to her own seat. Why did it bothered me? Because the seat was right in front of mine! It's a good thing that the air stewardess was patient. 

When we alighted, there was this man holding up this piece of paper with Dad's name printed on it. Homg, so cool! Then he took us to the hotel. The place was surprisingly very clean. Just as clean as Singapore! Plus point for being even more peaceful.

So when we arrived at the hotel, after checking in and all, well. The room was smaller than I expected. But will do lah since it was only sissy and I. Did you know how peaceful my life was not having my parents staying in the same room as us? It was heaven I tell you! 

And check out the views from our window!!!!

A mall and the beach. Ah, soooo breathtaking! 

Afterwards we went to the mall for lunch. There was an anime convention or something. Everyone was pretty much wearing bizzare coloured wigs and weird costumes. I wasn't interested, so no pictures of them heheh. 

We went to this restaurant for late lunch. It was similar to Seoul Garden but only each of us gets our own steamboat thing. Zomg so cool right! 

The sauces. I liked lemon grass and chili. With fried onions of course heh.

Yes I'm wearing make up here. Only because we went to The Body Shop before coming here and the salesgirl actually help me put on the eyeshadow. It's supposed to be like a 'smoky' effect. To be honest, I felt like it was too over for me. 

The map I took from the airport heh! See Gaya Centre? Yes, that was our hotel. 

Went shopping afterwards and then that was it. I just returned  to the hotel room because I was feeling so weak by then. Yes, I was so sick!

Same thing the second day. After breakfast - had toast and scramble eggs - took a nap and then went shopping. 

(Idk why I took this pic, hahaha!)


Yesssss, I highlighted my hair! I am extremely happy with it right now! I hope people won't look at me as a minah now. 

Chilled at the hotel room for awhile while munching on some food. It already tasted yucky by the time we reached our hotel room. It got cold and all :( 

Afterwards my dad, sister and I went to Little Italy for a very late lunch. Mum was still at the salon then. Have to admit that it wasn't really good. Maybe there was something wrong with my tongue because I never say no to lamb, till that day! 

Met mum after that and we went to the sea side to camwhore. It was beautiful I tell you! And surprisingly there were no couples being lovey dovey over there. So naice!

Tried out different effects. 

Soft-flowing water effect. 

Sports effect (fast shutter speed)

Check out the sunsets! I used the sundown effect for this. Not bad eh eh eh! *eyebrows* 

Seafood for dinner. 

Then back to the hotel room and it was the end of the day! Okay so I camwhored for awhile. 

Ahhhhh I so so so love my hair right now! 

Sunglasses Alim would love. Bought at Vietnam. Heh. 

Heheh watched HSM 2 ;) It's a reflection by the way. 

The next few days were really exciting! We went to the Cultural Village the next day. It was something I've been looking forward to. Yeah, I'm into this kind of stuff. Oh and I felt much better too, thank goodness!

The place was in the middle of nowhere! 

The tour guide introduced us to the different tribes in Sabah. Every tribe was unique in it's own way (haha, duh.) And they live in different types of houses. However in all the houses, the daughter would sleep in the upper deck. No fair! 

A lil bit of hands on! 

Of course my family didn't drink the wine. But according to a little girl's reaction, it must have tasted awful. Hahaha! Frankly speaking, I've always wanted to know what wine tastes like. 

Attempting to create fire with bamboo. It's possible! 

Ta daa! 

A typical lady making bead necklaces. 

Kitchen those days. 

Yes, that's the ladder to go to the upper deck. Also used to climb up into the kampung houses. I almost slipped while going down! So my natural instinct told me to use the modern staircase the next few houses. Heheh!

Skulls! Monkey skulls lah. There are such things as head hunters those days. 

The wedding pelamin. 

Dad attempting to smoke. He used to be a smoker by the way, when I was little. But he quit because he said ever since he smoked I started to avoid him. I couldn't even remember. But the point is, nothing is impossible! :D 

Oh, and my favourite part of the tour! Since everything is really old fashioned and there aren't any gadgets available, they obviously had to improvise to kill time. They actually made this trampoline, again made of bamboo, and what they'll have to do would be to jump on it really really high (and I mean really really high!) to grab the prize attached to the ceiling. It's really cool. Missed my chance to try it out but it's okay. I felt rather shy that day anyways. Can you believe it? Me, shy? 

Next was the performances by the different tribes. Have I mentioned that the boys look extremely gorgeous over here? No? Well, you can't see their faces anyways. Heheh! 

I can't really remember what we did after that. I only recall being pretty tired. 
Oh okok I remember now! ;) 

We went to the mall to catch the movie New Year's Eve. Their posters were everywhere and I figured that it must be a very good movie. Besides, I recognised all the actors and actresses.

To be frank, it was. Nyeh, okay I guess. I've watched better movies. Anyways, here's the trailer. 

Had seafood for dinner, again. And then back to the hotel room. My camera died on me so yes, no photos :(

The following day was a pretty exciting too! We went to this Kinabalu Park! 

Surfing the net while heading off. My family pretty much can't survive without two days of internet. 

First, the guide dropped us of at this suspended bridge. I hate hate hate this kind of bridges! It kept on swaying left and right and I've always been afraid that it will like turn over by strong wind or something. Heehee! 

Back into the mini van. A pretty long journey I must say. I think I slept for awhile. Guess where the park was? 

Above the clouds! Can you believe it? The park was above the clouds! I was wearing bermudas and I was freezing! Okay lah, not to the extent that I was shivering the whole time. 

I see double-chin! :( 

The guide then introduced us to this wild fruit. Don't know what it was but it tasted yummy! 

Milo tasted so good then! Goreng pisang would have been nice too. 

Look at the clouds! 

Souveniers for my friends! My own money okay so it better last you forever! :P 

Next we went to the museum. 
Here are some photos of the photos of Mount Kinabalu. Heh. 

Insects! Eeeeee! 

The snake looks so real! Everything looks so real! Oh my gawd! 

I see Ho Chi Minh! *sigh* Good times. 

Back in the mini van. 

Haha mummy! 

Next we went for a canopy walk. 

And guess what? It effin rained while we were in the middle of the bridge. 

Suspended bridges. Oh joy. 

Played around with my camera. 

Without micro.

With micro. 
Ah, not bad lah this camera. 

Went back to the previous place we went. Bought ourselves corny souvenier tees because our tops were wet. All the shops were almost close. Yes, everything closes early. 

Another cup of milo. Sure helps yknow!

No my camera wasn't being an ass. Just look at the fog! 

And the pictures below are of Mount Kinabalu! Taadaa! It is actually the highest mountain in SEA. Kewl. 

Okay now my camera's being an ass. Or it's just the van which was moving too fast. Heheh! 

Went back and had Kenny Rogers for dinner. 

And we finally had maggie for breakfast the next morning! Yippee! I was getting sick of toasts and eggs. 

A final view of the beach. I wasn't excited to be going home at all! 

And you know how sometimes bosses emphasize on wearing lipstick? Well, I think here's the reason why. 

Without lipstick. 

With lipstick. 

Okay technically, it's not lipstick. It's just lip gloss that happens to be extremely red. 

Went to the airport and I bought sissy and I Famous Amos! We love Famous Amos more than mum's cookies. Heehee, shhhh! 

Sissy acting manja with dad. And who said I was spoilt? Hmmmmmm? 

Inside of the plane. 

Kkkkkkkkkkkkk I don't mean to be rude but I have to blog about this. 
See the girl behind me in the photo? She couldn't sit still like seriously! She and her mum and sister, they were so annoying! First, she was snoring. Yes, she snored! But it didn't bother me that much because I was listening to music anyways. Second, when she woke up, she was trying to like put her feet on her seat and apparently she was never comfortable and so she kept on kicking my mum's chair. And you know my mum, she can get very sarcastic. The person behind me was her mum (I think), she too couldn't sit still. Long legs maybe? I could feel her legs on my back. (Gosh, sounds so wrong.)


Check out the sunset! And the clouds! Oh my. 

Teehee, my favourite tunes ;))

Have a listen! 



Dinner at Marybrowns at Senai Airport. 

By the way sissy likes making this kind of faces. So future boyfriend of Aryani, beware! 

That was it then. To be honest, I really hate going home. It's like coming back to reality, which I've got to admit, sucks. Just goes to show that I really had a good time.  And oh, my parents are prolly going on another trip, just the two of them. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. 

But anyways, Sabah's a place worth visiting! I'd like to go there and maybe try water-related activities like river rafting and island hoping. That'll be really fun. 

Oh and I just discovered another awesome blogger!

I just found him on nuffnang. He seems like a really cool blogger - quality pics and very good English, heh! - so go check him out yah - x

Phew, that's it. I spent like four days on this. Okay maybe three. 

PS: Next post on my cousin's and Miss Tan's wedding! ;D 

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