Sunday, 4 December 2011

ZSS Open House

This will probably be one of ze most boring posts ever although it contains pictures. I only have like sixteen photos but anyway here goes. 

So basically ZSS's Open House was on Saturday only. Yes, one day only which is really pathetic. Wonder why. Hmmm. 

I've got to admit that this year's Red Cross booth isn't bad at all ;) Better than the previous years I must say! *applause*

Trophies from NPCC. 

My favourite part of their booth! They have this every year. So cool! Especially the lamp thing :P

Girl Guide's booth below.
I do highly recommend P6 female graduates to consider joining this CCA. Lots of arts and crafts and cooking and and they have this annual cookie sale - I love the chocolate mint flavour! Although compared to other uniformed groups it's pretty slack. So if you think Girl Guides is tough you obviously don't know how much tougher NPCC or NCC is - even Red Cross heheheheheheh! But they won a lot of medals tho. Which is really awesome. 

Netball medals. 

Oh and if you didn't go, this year's Drama students dressed up as witches/wizards! It was really cool and they have a cauldron and all and they were circling around it the entire time! Hahaha, so drama mama! Another CCA you might want to consider applying! (Especially in this school because they are the wackiest people you will ever meet!)  

Oh yes and have you heard that it's Mdm Anna's last year working as a librarian here? Well, it is. Everyone's pretty upset about it - despite being strict and all. My sister said she cried during the camp or something. Awwwwh! 

Handbells, so cool! I never saw this before. 

And we got two new dummies! No fair, I had to practice with the old and disgusting one :( 

And finally, everyone's favourite dancers (another group of very wacky people I must say) ! SYF Gold and winners of Cluster West Competition 2011! Want try Gold with honours the next round? :P :P :P 

But honestly, the Open House during 2007 or 2008 was much more fun. There were balloons and we had mascots - spiderman/superman/batman. Plus our seniors were really lively back then. Awwh. 

So obviously there are other CCAs offered here. I love being around my friends from my CCA because we share the same passion plus we don't really hang out very often and that's why we tend to treasure every moment we have together. I'd say that my batch is the most united one because we do so many things together, excluding trainings <3 


USS (sponsored by the school, i think)

And we usually have dinner after every training. Ah, I love my RC buddies :) 

Okay that's it from me. You may want to check out my school's website for more infos. Toodles! 

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