Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year Resolution!

Last day of 2012 and I must say that my dad was not at all very well spent. I might sound like a brat here but here goes. It started off with my eye checkup. Turns out that the degree on my right eye just increased by 25 while the left remained the same. I've been wanting to change my frames to as I feel that I'll be using it more often this coming year and I guess that a full frame would be better plus my parents said it was okay. But it had to be too expensive and Dad was 'lecturing' me and saying that it wasn't necessary and that he doesn't have enough money to buy for his own glasses. And before you make any judgments, I did insisted on paying on my own and then he was like whatever. So yeah, small matter right? I got over it after that and I treated him and Yani to a 20 dollar MacDonald lunch. After everything? Ah, wtvs. I was being sincere tho. And just like five seconds ago I asked Mum if I was ever gonna get a room of my own since I've been sharing the room with my sister for like ever and it was just an innocent question, really. And then she started blabbering about how hard her life was blahblahblah. Woman please, you don't know half of the things I've been through. Maybe your life was miserable but it doesn't mean that my life rocked too and ah just because you had a hard life doesn't mean you have to ruin mine like zomggggggg! I don't mean to be rude but sometimes mothers do bring out the worse in me. I just wished she stopped comparing me with what she's been through and took a little bit of interest of my life. I have to admit that we've been drifting. My friends told me that I'm better off without her but honestly, who is? Even a misfit needs a mother. 

Spoilt brat much? Okay moving on! My resolution! 

I did manage to fulfill this year's resolution which is 'Change'. I obviously forgotten about it in the middle of the year but now when I come to think of it, I think I have changed. For example, I learned to keep things to myself. A few years back I noticed a friend drift away to another friend and I actually said something about it and everyone misunderstood me and thought that I was jealous instead which is kind of ridiculous. It happened to me again more than once this year but I just kept quiet about it, to prevent any drama and trust me, it hurts to see someone replacing you. But anyways, it was our last year and I'm not going to waste my tears for someone who no longer thinks I'm important to them - especially if I'm only gonna see them for a couple months. 

You know what, I can't think with a New Year Resolution. Actually thought of dozens but it was super corny! So I'll just maintain with my momentum. 

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this was an awful waste of time. 

But I'd just like to say thank you to those who has been by my side ever since the beginning of the year, particularly my classmates of course. You've been an amazing bunch and I'll never forget you, ever. Even if I'm in Paris. LOL, doesn't make sense. 


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