Sunday, 1 January 2012

Here's to all the chocolate lovers!

Who doesn't love chocolate right? 
(Oh, hello by the way!) 

So my family + Sophia went to Changi Village today for lunch. I love travelling to the East. I notice that people there are more relaxed. Anyways we had a very heavy lunch of briyani. After which, we went hunting for a birthday cake for the January babies. Technically, it's what we do almost every month. And we came across this shop called 'Chocolate Origin' 

I actually took this with my camera phone. Got to admit that the quality is much better no?
Oh, and I edited it! Just made it brighter and used the film effect. Nothing pro. 

Heehee I pointed wrong! 

Taadaa! Here's the warm lava cake! It's super yummy I tell you! The first layer is a warm chocolate cake with warm chocolate syrup while the second layer is just cold (duh) vanilla ice cream! Ah, I don't even know how to describe the deliciousness of it. 

It costs 5 dollars per cup and mum bought two so I shared mine with Sophia while mum and Yani shared a cup. It was war I tell you! 

Ah just look at it! The cake's so moist! I must say this makes a really good desert! 

And then we bought the 8 inch birthday cake. Obviously one wasn't enough, there were like a gazillion people who came over to my aunt's place. So we (I mean Dad) bought two! This is the Original recipe. They also sell dark chocolate cake too. 

Really creamy and really rich. Simple too! I think one cake can feed like around ten people I think. But with the way my aunt sliced the cake it can feed twenty! :P 


I actually already did checked out the website (the last line on the card) and it's kinda cool. They only sell purely cakes and the lava cakes though. And it's really worth it to travel that far for a chocolate cake! Oh, plus! If you want a bigger cake > 8 inch, you've got to order one day in advance. 

No doubt I'm gonna drag my family here again.

Oh! And I got two videos today! One was a song request of The Man Who Can't Be Moved cover by Remy, thanks dude! And another was from my favourite youtuber Angelo Munji! I don't know if it's something he sent everyone but zomg he actually made a New Year video for moi! I'm a happy girl today ;D

Happy New Year everyone! 
Lets hope 2012 will be an awesome one! 


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