Thursday, 12 January 2012

I'm becoming more unfriendly by the minute :(

The tittle says everything. 
I don't know why but lately I'm just not keen into getting to know people (particularly guys) etc. The journey is just so predictable. He chats with you on Facebook, asked for your number, started texting/calling, meet up, he confessed his feelings/you confessed yours, you both go steady and there goes the different stages of a relationship (watch Strangers Again). It's getting old. I've yet to meet a guy who doesn't rush things. The last one calls me every five seconds, asks about every boy who posts on my wall and acts more like a jealous husband then a friend. It's annoying.

I used to really get excited when I start to get to know someone new online. But now its not a big deal to me. I mean the other day when my cousin got married, a guy asked for my name and I didn't want to tell him. Can you believe it? I wouldn't even tell someone my name. I think it's because I'm happy with my current friends. I'm wondering if I keep this up, I'll be lonely, eventually. 

What's up with you Artix? :(

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