Friday, 13 January 2012

Airport > Results > Super duper round face nephew! > HP with triplets \m/

So these are just photos I took since 2012. Pretty random but I felt like blogging so might as well spurt it out here. 

On the day before results, my friends and I went to Changi Airport - for the sake of Popeyes! It was a friggin long journey I tell you. I think the next time I go to the East with my friends will be to chill at the beach. More productive than eating right heh!

Oh, and no matter how much food there are on my plate, I need onion rings! It makes me happy :)

Oh! And there's this gallery at T2 about planes and stuff. There's also a wall with pictures which showed how to make different types of paper planes. Pretty cool!

Took the sky train back to T3.

The bag Aini bought. Just costs 10 dollars! 

At that night, I tried on my school uniform to see if it still fits.

And it did! *smiles widely*

And the next day *jeng jeng jeng* 

I was one of the first to arrive in school. Waited for the rest for like ever because my hair had highlights and I was afraid of getting caught. And when Khai did arrive, I quickly sprayed my hair black (borrowed her spray cus I didn't have any). Phew, close call! And then Miss Ang came towards us and said that 'I see some of you spraying your hair black just now. Good. That's how it should be.' To be honest, I felt flattered. It's been a long time a teacher complimented me. Ehehehe!

And juniors, remember this face okay and smile whenever you see it kk! 

And Clover made us cupcakes! Aww how thoughtful. 

And then went home and went online to rant about school etc. And that night mum  insisted that we go out to dinner to celebrate and I get to choose the place. I couldn't possibly think of the most classy and affordable place so I choose Swensens instead. We've been wanting to visit my cousin who worked there anyways ;) 

Drinks on the house. Yayness! Thanks Abg Azri! <3 

And finally had pasta-related food. I was a happy girl that night :) 

The next day I went to visit my niece and nephew to play with them. When I got there, Naira was smiling really really widely. Ah, really warms my heart to see a toddler smile at me. And ah my gawd her front tooth! Ahahahaha it was the cutest thing! Nazrul was sleeping then so I just played with Naira. That girl loves wires which is really weird. First it was Adam with remote controls and now Naira with wires. Wonder what will Nazrul/Sara/Raushan's favourite 'tech gadget'  will be. Lulz. I didn't manage to get any snaps of Naira cus she went to sleep a few minutes after Nazrul woke up :( But here are some photos of Nazrul! This dude is amazingly handsome.

Fact: Baby boys like blonde highlights! 

A few days later, I opened the small gift Azlina bought for my belated 17th birthday (which was last year!). It was really sweet of her because she still gave me something despite the new year. *tear*

It's really lovely. I like the bling! Thanks Az :) 

And today, the triplets hung out at Khairiyah's house. Initially to help Nazirah choose her courses but we ended up doing other things instead :P

Finally found someone who appreciates food ^^

Watched Harry potter while eating cup noodles! 

Khairiyah fried these on the spot. Awww how sweet!

At that's the end of my random photo post. Tmr's gonna be a pretty long day :) 

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