Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Makeover! And One Direction!

Soooooo whatcha think? Ahahaha! I really like it! It's today's blogskin of the day and I can see why! 

Simple but not plain. I've been looking for a skin like this for ages and I finally found it! It didn't took long too. It took me forever to edit it though. I think I almost spent like three hours doing the whole thing. I'm trying something new here like the 'About Me' and 'Links' section. I tried to make the pictures bigger but then it'll affect the quality so I decided to let it stay like that. And oh, the bloggers on my links are (or were) my schoolmates: Chloe and LingChing ;) I just followed the template given like 'The Site' and 'Misc'. I really like the 'Photo of the moment' Since I don't have a twitter and I usually post random photos on Path which not everyone has, it's pretty cool that there's a section just for it. A bit like Xiaxue's but of course, her photos are much more better - quality and all- than mine. Yes, all in all, I'm pretty satisfied with how it's looking now. All thanks to the designer - click the credits! 

So here's the next part of the post. Girls, hold your tongues! 

Nothing much lah. Apart from Zayn, who the in the heaven are those other hoties? Really someone tell me! It's so hard to have a celebrity crush without knowing their names yknow! Oh and Zayn is always pulling the Mona Lisa face even when the rest is smiling. Ehhhhhhhh want to step model only lah eheheheheh! Oh well, you look sexy anyways. 

Ah, not even twelve yet. I wanna play Sims now! Bye <3

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