Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ombak Rindu

As promised, a blog post of the latest hit malay movie Ombak Rindu!

I shan't go on about the synopsis because I believe that everyone has watched the movie. I'm pretty sure that I'm the last one heh! It was all over facebook and I was like what the hell is Ombak Rindu? And if you know me well, I'm not really into watching malay shows, be it drama series or movies. But if I do the subtitle must be on tho heh! I'm just randomly willing to make this an exception
Anyways, the show was pretty fantastic. Finally something that isn't predictable. But just for the fun of it:-

What I thought would happen:
  1. They would get married much later in the movie - Maybe fall deeply in love first because that's what normal people would do. 
  2. The girl will die in the end - From stress or something. Typically in most Asian dramas, the good ones die. But thankfully this isn't just any typical Asian drama. 
  3. The famous actress and the kampung guy will be together. - Well, after all they both didn't get what (or who) they wanted. 
What should happen:
  1. The mother should die. So should the evil uncle. - It can never be a very happy ending until the bad ones die okay! 
That's it. I kind of forgotten how the story line goes. But it's okay. I feel pretty accomplished after watching the movie because I'm no longer outdated. Eh, but being the last one to watch the movie does makes me outdated! :( 

Anyways, for the benefit of those who hasn't watched the movie, here's the trailer. 

Have a lovely day ahead everyone! :D 

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